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Monday, November 24, 2014

So I'm a beautician now…(;

So I had a pretty eventfull weekend. On Friday, Cassidy and I went over to my friend Jordyn's  apartment and we messed around. So apparently one of the girls over there has a roommate that is getting married soon and the couple is always really awkward so they had me go into the apartment because I guess they were cuddling on the couch all awkward like ... So I walked inside in this ridiculous outfit and stole the applesauce out of the fridge. (this was all preplanned before so I wasn't really stealing anything from anyone ha ha )So we had her roommate walk back into the apartment after I stole it, and she went to go check to see if she had any applesauce… So when it was gone she asked the couple and they were like "oh well this random girl walked in and took it. We thought she was one of your friends and it looked like she was wearing a wig."hahahahhaha I guess that's what I get for dying my hair black or whatever. But anyway long story short it was really funny and I actually went back in to return the applesauce and they we're all sketched out because they realized that I was a stranger. Hahah oh the things you will do when you get bored.
So on Saturday Cassidy left me early in the morning to leave early for her Thanksgiving break. That means I was all alone so I basically stayed in my room until 6 o'clock-ish when Gassman invited me over because he asked me to cut his hair. (Gassman is one of mine and Cassidy's close friends and no I don't have a crush on him) but anyway, like what the heck?!?! I've never cut anybody's hair before but I thought about it... and I said yes. I don't know why I said yes, but Gassman put his full trust into someone who had no experience cutting hair. It turned out pretty good actually. I was surprised! So the deal was if I cut his hair, he would buy me pizza and so after I got done giving him a trim, we went to Little Caesars and as we were walking out to his car, Gassman opened his door and he noticed there's this white stuff on his chair. It looked like snow to me but it was actually flakes of instant potatoes! They threw it inside of his car and on his windshield... HAHAH The funny thing was that it was raining and so the instant potatoes were turning into real potatoes and it was a huge mess. We were both laughing so hard. So after he got my nice pepperoni pizza, we went back to his apartment and played Mario kart till the break of dawn ha ha just kidding I left around 12-ish. But anyway that was my weekend for you. I learned that apparently my newly dyed black hair looks like a wig haha and I am actually pretty good at trimming boys hair so if you ever want to get your haircut for free, I will gladly do it, but I make no promises on the way it looks after ha ha. Until next time....
~ Devree

PS I'm also freaking excited to go to Universal Studios and on our Bahamas cruise! These next two days are going to go by so slowly I just want to get out of here! Also I would like to say that I've always loved one direction but I have a new found love for them because they're freaking amazing and I want them to have my babies okay bye.

PPS.. The last two pictures of Cass and I are even existing because Cassidy is in charge of FHE for our ward sometimes so we had to buy 30 giant candy why not take pictures with them all over your body?! hahahah. Enjoy (:

My new black hair

Gassman's instant potatoted car... haha he looks so upset

My first hair cut. Doesn't look so bad huh? He had really long hair before

And our beautiful candy bar creations hahahah

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There's a First Time For Everything

Okay people, prepare yourselves...this past weekend was definitely one of the most craziest weekends of my entire existence. We went up to Utah State to go to The Howl, and if you don't know what The Howl is, it's a Halloween dance where everybody dresses up. Aaaaand it's basically the biggest dance in the state of Utah. So yeah, it got pretty crazy. Don't worry, I am not really wearing a belly shirt in the pictures. It has fabric in between so don't be judging this hot mama okay? Okay. (: So the dance was INSANE. We got into the dance really easily the first time. There wasn't a line to get in, so we danced for about an hour and went back to the other building to check out some stuff. BIG MISTAKE ON OUR PART. When we wanted to go back to the dance, the line was enormous. Forget that! It wasn't even a line! It was masses of people shoved into a hallway like canned oysters. If I could describe hell it would be that. I literally thought I was going to die. I couldn't breath or move and this was only the line to get into the freaking dance!!! Just imagine being crammed into a tiny hallway with the unbearable stench of body odor, cologne, and farts. If that wasn't crazy enough, someone thought it would be a good idea to start crowd surfing over everybody. (It was actually a pretty smart idea because it got you to the front of the line. I almost did it myself.) So as all this was happening, I was trying not to get split up from my group. I was holding onto my friend Ashley for dear life. My feet weren't even touching the ground there were so many people pushing up against me and shoving me. So we were probably waiting in the line of Sweaty, Hot, Chaotic Hell for about an hour. Once we got to the doors that led to the outdoor line, they closed the gate off and started sending people back around to the line because the cops were saying that the dance had reached "full capacity". I was like "OH HECK NAH, I AM NOT GOING BACK INTO THAT LINE THAT SPAWNED FROM SATANS WRATH OF ALL THINGS HOT SWEATY AND NASTY." I couldn't handle it. I was going to spontaneously combust from claustrophobia. So this is where it gets interesting. My friend Ashley snuck past the cop while his back was turned and the rest of us did the same, but then UH OH MAYDAY MAYDAY MAN DOWN... Cassidy got snagged at the last second and was forced back behind the gate to go back through the line. There was no way we could have gotten her back to the other side because there was so much security. Luckily, the cop didn't notice that we snuck past him. We were literally the very last people to make it into the line to get into the dance. I was just thankful that I was outside breathing fresh air again... So back to the Cassidy situation... we were yelling across the crowds of people to have her call one of the girls that was still inside. We were trying to devise a plan to tell the cop that she had some sort of disability and she needed to be with us. Hahahah... But the cop came up to us and asked us if she was our friend and long story short he gave in, and let Cassidy through to us. HALLELUJAH WE GOT OUR FRIEND BACK YAAAS.
BUT WAIT, theres more(: I have another very interesting story. So knowing me, I am not one to do very spontaneous things. I like to be outgoing and fun but not in like a crazy way... but things were different this time and you can't judge me because there are worse things that can happen okay? But here it goes.... So while we were dancing as just us girls, these two guys came up to us and started dancing with us. One was dressed as a pirate and one was a ninja turtle. Haha.. so the ninja turtle guy started talking to me and asked me what my name was. Then he started SWING DANCING WITH ME. First of all, swoon.. So obviously I am weak because a ninja turtle is swing dancing with me haha just kidding. I was just very impressed because this guy was actually dancing with me, not just jumping up and down. Also, the music was so loud that when we had to talk to each other, we had to get really close to each other's ears. So he started to flirt some game with me and he said that I was attractive.... Uh oh. First of all, you should all know I don't take compliments well. I got all awkward and I was like "Oh jeez thanks." Hahah then I told him he was great at swing dancing. So then... this is where it gets good.... he was like, "I have two questions for you." and I just said, "Sure, go ahead!" So the first question was "Do you have a boyfriend?" and I don't, so I said no... then he said, "Then whats stopping us from kissing right now?" At first I was surprised that he even asked me that question, so I just laughed and said, "I don't know!" then he pulled me in and kissed me... THEN HE KEPT KISSING ME.. GUYS I WAS KISSING A RANDOM STRANGER THAT I MET AT A COLLEGE DANCE WHO THE FREAK AM I? So I pulled away and I slapped him in the face.    AHHAHAH just kidding I didn't. I just stood there in shock but in my mind I was like awww yeahhh you go girl. Then I looked and Charlotte and Ashley and their mouths were wide open they were so surprised. And yes I have already told my mother this story. She actually said to me, "Well there's a first time for everything!" Hahaha oh mom... but let's just hope my grandma doesn't see this post. She would disown me...
So yeah, there is a crazy college story for you all. 

Mucho Love~ Devree

PS. a potato flew around my room before you came (For Ronni)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Yes I know, I haven't posted in a long time. I'm sorry mom.... Anyway, I don't know if it's the fact that I live 4 hours away from some of my best friends... but now that I do, I have come to realize how much of a blessing they are in my life. I've always loved them with all my heart, but now that I only get to see them every now and again... I FREAKING LOVE BEING AROUND THEM JEEZ. You know that saying that says, "You never know how much you'll miss something until it's gone."? Or something like that, yeah, that is definitely a real feeling at the moment. Ugh I am getting emotional... KEEP IT TOGETHER DEVREE. But yes, I just wanted to say I love my friends and that they make my life so much better. God bless you all. You know who you are.
Sorry about that emotional roller coaster that you just witnessed, I usually don't express my feelings so vividly.. eh oh well. It happens. So I'm just going to list some things that I love... I love the movie Forrest Gump. I quote it daily. I say "Lieutenant Dan, I got you some ice cream." like 5 times a day to my roommate. Sorry Cass, you know I love it. I love when I make fried eggs and I flip them like a champ without breaking the yoke. I love when I'm in a hurry to get to class and somehow miraculously, I throw together a dang good looking outfit which would take me like an hour to put together on a normal day. I loooooooove when people smile back at me when I smile at them. I love my family. I've missed them a freaking bunch. And I love a lot of other things, but I want to stop typing and go to bed so I'm dippin out.
Love you all.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Hair Dye Project

We had our own little adventure the other day. I tried to dye Cassidy's hair. Yup...i said TRIED to dye it. She wanted to get a strip of her hair bleached so she bought some hair dye from the dollar store and we went to town. I sat her down and she pulled out the section of her hair that she wanted to have dyed. It was a smooth process. Nothing went wrong...yet. We waited for the magic to happen and her hair simply would not change color. First of all, she bought this weird hair dye. It was the lightest color of blonde that she could find. Basically, it was the same color as her original hair color so nothing was happening. Then... this is where it gets good. Me being the smart, fixer of things that I am... I suggested that she splashed a little bit of bleach into the bottle of hair dye. At first Cass was like, "Are you sure that is going to work?" and I insisted that it would. What could a little splash of bleach hurt right?? WRONG. So there goes Cass pouring some bleach into her hair dye. It seemed harmless... but that's where things went wrong. Terribly wrong. Cass started to notice that the bottle was warming up. She was like "Dev, it's getting really hot?" Well duh.. it's a chemical reaction. Of course it was getting hot. I didn't think anything of it. Then she tried mixing the bleach into the dye by shaking the bottle. BAD IDEA. After she took her finger off the top of the cap, the hair dye sprayed out of the bottle like one of those baking soda vinegar science projects we all did in elementary!!! It sprayed ALL OVER. It went on the carpet, it got on Cass's pants, it almost sprayed the ceiling... and it kept on foaming out of the bottle! Like a volcano! Cass and I kinda of just stood there in shock for a second. Then I screamed "GO GET A TOWEL!" Things were fine after that. There was no harm done but we learned a lesson. NEVER put bleach into your hair dye. It will not work. You will simply get sprayed with foamy hair dye and things will get messy. HAHAHAH it was hilarious but we are never going to do that again. I am an idiot. Oh well! You live and learn right?

Sincerely~ Devree

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Don't Know What To Name This Post

Sometimes when you expect the week to be good to you, it takes a turn. What I'm saying is... zits the size of Jupiter breakout all over your face and you're stressed because you have 90 bazillion tests. NOT OKAY MAN. But life can also be good to you, none the less. I know, I know, my life isn't over because I have zits on my face. That's not what I'm saying. Today has been a very good day for me actually. It started out with a nice hour of yoga, then I came home and made myself a tasty tuna sandwich. It has been a fine day... but not everyday is a perfect one. For example, these dudes behind me in the library today obviously didn't understand what a library used for. Can you not use the mother of all swear words every other word that you say? Did you forget you're in a library and people (Me) are studying for their 90 bazillion tests?! I was about to pull a Taylor Irvine and go "SHHHHHHH" as loud as I could, and give them the best stink eye they've ever seen. Wooo I'm so intimidating aren't I? Hahaha no. Actually, when people tell me to "Shh", it bugs the living crap out of me. Not even that, if there's anything I hate more than watermelon or itchy tags in my shirts, it would be when people tell me to "Shh"....and there was no way I was going to do it to these strange f-bomb throwing guys in the library. Heck nah. Besides that lovely occurrence, my week has been grrrrrreat. I'm getting real excited to go on our family vacation after Thanksgiving. Universal Studios plus a Bahamas cruise?! Freak, how lucky am I? Also, I miss my cute little Rylee. I miss being able to talk to her about life, boys, and all the things sisters should talk about. But I'm coming home this weekend so PARTAY.
I've gotten better at cooking, hallelujah. I can now make a quesadilla without burning it. My life is going places, let me tell ya. I can make chicken too. Cassidy says it's my specialty. Every Sunday so far, that's our fancy dinner. I'm in charge of making the chicken, Cass makes the asparagus, and then there's some sort of potato involved because ya know, potatoes are life duh. Basically, we would make pretty good wives. (; HAHAH no, not ready for that. Anyway, I really have come to love this little town in all its glory. Last night, was taco Tuesday. This guy in our apartment complex, makes tacos for everybody at the club house. I don't know why. Probably because he is a saint sent straight from the heavens. His name is Steve. We call him Taco Steve and he wears a tank top with tacos all over it. He works it. Plus, he has a black rapist van. He says he throws parties and DJ's from it, but on the back of the van it says "Special Events".... I hope the only events that he throws are dance parties, that's all I'm saying. A lot could be taken wrong with that saying on the back of a black rapist van...but that's none of my business. Hahahah I'm kiddin he seems like a nice guy that is not a rapist. So after we got our free tacos, we went to the malt shop and used our free ice cream cone certificates. It was by far the best ice cream I've ever had. Cherry chocolate chip is the way to go. 
Anyway, this week I have been trying to work out more.. yeah yeah I know I had tacos and ice cream yesterday but at least there is exercise involved haha. Yesterday, I ran on the treadmill that is downstairs in the clubhouse because it was so fetching hot outside. The bad thing about it, is that there are mirrors all around you when you go down there. Yeah of course I want to watch myself run on the treadmill. How did they know?! Not, I do not like it. People weren't kidding when they say dancers run funny. I was laughing at myself to be honest. Oh well what can ya do? But if you were wondering, yes I am sore as heck. My hips feel like they are about to fall off. Life is great.
That's all for now....oh and I made up a new saying. Its "Blog Is Life" hahahhahah instead of ball is life? Ya get it? Oh man I'm a loser.
Love you all.


PS. I miss Quinn, and Ronni, and Charlotte. :'(

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Snowcones, Denny's, and Football Games

Recap from this past week... Cass and I drove to Mount Pleasant and got some snow cones on thursday at the Shave-N-Cream.. (ps. don't get the azuki beans in your snow cone. They're nast. The worker guy convinced me to try them and I wasn't going to say no... Bad choice on my part.) Anyway 
that was a good time with my cute little roomie.

Last night we met up with Jordyn. She is one of my friends from EFY and now we go to school together and I love her dearly. But yes, we met up with her and took her on a Denny's run with our other friends. It was a fun night. I got home and totally crashed on the couch until 5 in the morning. When i woke up I got that freaky feeling of "Where the heck am I?" and so I did some laundry. Weird. Now that I'm writing about it... WHO DOES THEIR LAUNDRY AT 5 IN THE FLIPPIN MORNING? Me. I do my laundry at 5 in the morning okay? Okay. 

Here's the crew at Dennys

We went to our first football game this afternoon. WOO! Our stadium doesn't have lights (small town probs) so our football games are held during the hot blazing afternoon while the sun burns your eyeballs out. Besides that, it was crazy, madness. The Rowdy Crowd sure knows how to get down and scream their lungs out. The sad part is that the Badgers lost. :'( It was dumb. The score was 7-34 with the other team winning during the first half. I know... what the heck? BUT we caught up during the last half and almost beat the other team in the last 10 seconds if the QB didn't fumble the flippin ball. The end score was 28-34 so yeah we played our hearts out. GO SNOW BADGER PRIDE WOO!

(The blonde one in the middle is my cute friend Jordyn)

Sincerely~ Devree

Friday, September 12, 2014

I Guess Old Habits Never Change??

Yesterday during institute, I was in charge of the devotional. When you do the devotional, you have to tell the class a little bit about yourself. I walked up to the front of the classroom and I said, "Hi, I'm Devree, I have two brothers and sisters, I like dancing and playing basketball, and jumping on trampolines yadayadayada..." Okay, so after I was done, the class started asking me questions. My institute teacher (I don't quite know his name yet oops) asked me if I had an older sister because I guess he probably recognized me from her being in his class before. We do look kinda the same because you know, we're family duh. So I told my class about Kambree and how she lives in married housing, and that she is a resident director at the suites down here at Snow, and you know how she is sort of a big deal. ;) It was funny because my devotional turned into talking all about Kambree haha. I wasn't complaining. I don't like talking about myself anyway. After all the questions, guess what happened. Since we were talking about Kambree so much, everyone forgot my name and my teacher said, "Alright, now everyone welcome Kambree to our class." hahahahha he called me Kambree what a surprise! Just kidding I'm so used to it. I just laughed it off and said that I'm not Kambree, I'm Devree. It's not a new thing. I grew up being called Kambree like everyday of my life because we looked the same. The thing is...I didn't know it was going to follow me to college!

Sincerely- the always mistaken to be Kambree, Devree (:

Ps. Someone or something broke my TV. Or maybe it just broke on its own...who knows!? It won't turn on (and yes I checked to see if it was plugged in) and now I don't get to watch Cops after my classes. Dang. But good knews! Our friend Eric has an extra one and said we could have it soooo I guess this means Cops is back on! Oh yeahhh(: